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            About Dr. Rau

As a high school football player, Dr. Rau was injured. The doctors said there was nothing they could do for him and his football playing days were over. His father took him to a chiropractor and after several sessions, Dr. Rau was able to play football for his senior year.

​After graduation, Dr. Rau joined the military as a medical technologist. He was stationed in Korea where he was exposed to natural medicine. Dr. Rau returned home and went to school to become a chiropractor and holistic medicine doctor. His goal was to give people an alternative to surgery and provide proper nutrition using natural ingredients.

Dr. Rau not only specializes in herbal nutrition, but also Chinese and homeopathic medicine, blood analysis, applied kinesiology, and acupuncture. He has studied many years to better serve you with any chiropractic or general wellness questions that you may encounter.

Dr. O. Lee Rau is able to treat back pain, sciatica, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, sports injuries, and much more.

Benefits to Chiropractic
Many people have their own idea about why chiropractic care is important. To Dr. Rau, these are some of the main reasons:

>  It's easier to stay well than to get well
>  No more aches and pains.
>  To keep your emotions in line.
>  Hopefully avoid surgery.
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"Keep the spine in line,
the mind feelin fine,
and live by the divine."
-Dr. O. Lee Rau
A Look Into The Live Blood Analysis
The blood test you receive from Dr. Rau is unlike any blood test you have ever had!  The process is so much simpler than normal.  Its simply a stick in the finger, like a diabetic checking his or her sugar, and 8 spots of blood between two slides.  Dr. Rau takes the slides one by one and analizes each spot of blood and discusses it all with you!  Its an awesome experience and an excellent way to learn how to take better care of yourself.  Here you will see examples of blood which you may see in your blood test. 
Trusted by the Adjusted
This is a what normal red blood cells look like.
This is what yeast may look like in the blood.
This is an example of what cholesterol may look like in the blood.
                 NUTRTION IS KEY

​We believe proper nutrition is a key element to abundant living. We offer a variety of nutrition along with our chiropractic services.  These are just a few of the quality products recommended for patients.